Ciara Wilson ’s campaign to fight Cervical cancer among Black women


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Ciara Wilson ’s campaign to fight Cervical cancer among Black women

Ciara Wilson ’s campaign to fight Cervical cancer among Black women

Ciara Wilson ’s campaign to fight Cervical cancer among Black women

Ciara Wilson, an American singer, and Grammy winner, on cervical cancer prevention, stated that the best thing is to be in the best state of health.

How to help and inform black women

Ciara Wilson ’s campaign to fight Cervical cancer among Black women

The group at risk

Ciara Wilson is making a speech about how disproportionately black women are affected by and die of cervical cancer, twice as many as white women, and advanced cervical cancer is more likely to be diagnosed in them than other races. She is also making people aware of cervical cancer and HPV screening.

Ciara told Healthline that her education on cervical cancer in Black women has been the best thing for her. She believes her mission is not only performed on stage, but she also believes in the power of the platform.

Collaborating institutions

Realizing that Black women are twice as likely trusted Source to be diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer and die of it, she decided to team up with Cerving Confidence with  collaboration between the  and Hologic’s Project Health Equality and Black Women’s Health Imperative (BWHI) to help Black women and inform them about  its prevention.

Involved body organs

Cervical cancer occurs in the cells of the cervix that connects the vagina to the upper part of the uterus.

Screening tests

The screening tests are as following:

Pap test (also called Pap smear) detects precancerous and high-risk cells.

The HPV test detects the human papillomavirus, causing cell changes on the cervix.

Causes and prevention

Ciara Wilson ’s campaign to fight Cervical cancer among Black women

External factors

HPV is caused by vaginal, anal, or oral sex with someone having the virus. Most of the cases are cured, but Some types may lead to cancer, including cervical cancer.

HPV might be undetected, so the tests are of high importance.

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Ages for the test

Shepherd said women between ages 21 and 29 should receive Pap testing regularly, while women 30 to 65 should give both Pap and HPV.

According to the CDC, as many as 93 percent of cervical cancer risk factors could be prevented by screening and HPV vaccination. The HPV vaccine is available for everyone between ages 9 and 29.

Advocacy for Black women

Cerving Confidence is a sub-group of Project Health Equality collaborating in handling cultural and structural issues that prevent Black and Hispanic women of the U.S from receiving healthcare, identifying the groups in need, and bringing them clinical care.

Growth in number of affected women

According to Linda Goler Blount, president, and CEO of Black Women’s Health Imperative, despite the significant progress on fighting this disease over past decades, the rates are still on the rise among some populations.

Impacts of culture on healthcare

There is no genetic or biologic reason for the high rate of mortality among Black women. However, Blount believes that it can be influenced by racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic discriminations that limit their access to screening and treatment, or if they do access to healthcare, it’s usually of a lower quality than what white women do. They’re also concerned about costs, childcare, transportation, and inadequate healthcare coverage due to the biases.

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She hopes that the Cerving Confidence campaign helps empower Black women to take better and more regular care of their cervical health and give priority to self-care. This is Ciara’s vision, too.

Ciara said that self-care is of the highest importance. Loving yourself, being on top of your game, and gain confidence in every aspect of your life are the best things in life. She added that her greatest aim is to make positive effects on as many lives as possible, especially for the Black community, because this is the area being hit the hardest by cervical cancer.



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