Severe association of oral disease with death because of corona


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Severe association of oral disease with death because of corona

oral disease

Recent studies show that there is a link between oral disease and 19 cavities. Patients with periodontitis or gum disease are 9 times more to die from COVID19 and three times more likely to get ICU than normal people.

Since many people avoid going to the dentist during the Corona Pandemic and are worried, they should maintain good oral hygiene at home, on which their overall health depends, and they may postpone an appointment. The dentist can cause irreparable and serious damage to a person’s mouth and teeth. Untreated gum disease can cause bacteria to enter the body through the mouth and then into the lungs, increasing the risk of patients becoming vulnerable.

A team of experts has concluded that neutrophil immune cell activity triggers a mechanism that links periodontal or oral disease to heart disease, cancer, and inflammatory problems and even COVID19.

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Neutrophils are immune system cells that fight bacterial infections related to gum disease. As the number of these cells increases, they respond more strongly to any type of infection. It is possible that the body is exposed to secondary inflammatory conditions, and that these immune cells are responsible for the destruction of some tissues and organs in the body.

Sores in the mouth and tongue, oral tenderness, lip tissue death, or lip necrosis are some of the things that can be associated with COVID19, and the mouth is the main source of infection and transmission. Ulcers and lesions in the mouth are among the early symptoms of COVID19 and may make the patient’s condition worse.

For this reason, the condition of the mouth and teeth should be carefully monitored during and after the COVID19 infection. Therefore, as you can see, nothing is more important than oral hygiene during this time.

To prevent gum disease by following good oral hygiene, following a healthy diet, and seeing your dentist regularly. There are many risks to delaying dental and gingival treatment, so do not hesitate to see your dentist if you feel pain.

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