Using mask in hot weather


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Using mask in hot weather

Using mask in hot weather

Using mask in hot weather

The need to use masks in public places to prevent Covid-19 disease is emphasized, while the rise in temperature these days has made it difficult for many people to use masks.

Although masking in the summer can be annoying due to the heat, health experts say that in the current situation, and since the activity of the coronavirus, unlike the flu virus, has not stopped with the warming of the air, we should still use the mask because its benefits are more important. In this way, the outbreak of coronary heart disease can be significantly prevented.

Evidence has shown that if all people wear masks, they can reduce the transmission of the coronavirus. The heat of summer makes you feel suffocated when using the mask, but if you are close to other people or indoors, you should wear it. Even if it is difficult and uncomfortable, the benefits of using a mask are great.

People who suffocate in the heat by wearing a mask may try to feel better by changing their style, but it is important to cover your mouth and nose.

During this period, surgical masks are suitable for people who feel discomfort when wearing a cloth face.

Sweat Another problem is using a mask. If your mask gets wet with sweat, it reduces your ability to prevent the Coronavirus. If it gets wet for any reason, you should change the mask. Have at least one other mask with you to replace if necessary.

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People who feel short of breath should take short breaks. If you can rest a little, stay away from people and lift the mask a little and cool yourself.

Be sure to stay hydrated. Dizziness or palpitations can be a sign of heatstroke. In this case, get out of the heat, take off your mask and seek medical attention.

If you are out of the house, can maintain a social distance, and can distance yourself from others, you can remove your mask.

It does the same for outdoor sports such as running or cycling. You will no longer need to wear a mask as long as you are at least 6 feet away.

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