Diagnosis of internal health of nails and foot shapes (part1)


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Diagnosis of internal health of nails and foot shapes (part1)

foot shapes

Diagnosis of internal health of nails and foot shapes (part1)

Certain diseases may lead to abnormalities, for example, diabetes can lead to blood vessel problems by increasing blood circulation. To prevent unwanted symptoms, we should note which of the internal members of the body is damaged and causes complications. Some of these complications affect nails and foot shapes, so in this section, we deal with disorders that show problems and internal diseases of the body.

Changes in the legs and nails that tell the news of hidden disease in the body


Inflation in the leg caused by long-term standing, but these symptoms may be a sign of disease. Although swelling affects different parts of the body, consider changes to the legs, ankles, knees and arms.

Diseases associated with feet:

Heart diseases: In heart disease, water in the leg and leggings.

Problems with vessels: The veins are not able to pump blood in the correct way, so blood in the legs is gathered.

Lymph system problems: Lymph nodes and blood vessels in the body help the fluid flow in the body. When the obstruction occurs in the lymphatic system, it causes swelling and arms.

Liver problems: Swelling can be caused by liver disability to make blood proteins.

Diagnosis of feet

Chronic ulcers on the skin

Uncontrolled diabetes can cause damage to the nervous system and cause disruption to the circulation cycle, resulting in bleeding to legs. The lack of blood supply to the legs leads to a decrease in the chance of improving timely wounds. For this reason, specialists recommend that they should test blood glucose in their legs, because they are likely to be diagnosed with diabetes.

Blue or purple of foot skin

Probably notice the blue when the air is very cold. However, there is a type of illness that causes the color of the fingers, even when the air is hot.

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