Diagnosis of internal health of nails and foot shapes (part2)


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Diagnosis of internal health of nails and foot shapes (part2)


Diagnosis of internal health of nails and foot shapes : Diseases associated with color change:

There is a disease called blue finger syndrome and occurs when blood vessels are blocked.

Thin and red lines under the foot nail:

The presence of red and thin lines under the foot nails, especially in the nails, represents the blood of the blood vessels in the blood vessels that cause tearing thin capillaries under the nail. This may be due to difficulty or infection in the internal areas of the heart, which is why people who have a history of heart disease, refer to the doctor if observing these symptoms.

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Special nail:

If the nail thumb has fallen into the middle of the middle and has been fully dedicated, it is likely that the body with iron deficiency is anemia and even lupus.

Signs of hidden infection in the body

A painful mass on the fingers or feet:

Painful masses in the fingers or feet can suddenly grow up in a few hours or days, so it is recommended that you do not count and see the doctor immediately.

Diseases associated with painful mass:

May have a heart infection caused by bacteria. Generally, antibiotics are good in these cases and does not require surgery.

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