Finger bone fractures (part2)


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Finger bone fractures (part2)

bone fractures

Finger bone fractures : Different types of fractures

According to studies conducted by the American Society of Hand Surgery, the number of combinations of different types of hand fractures is very high. Types of finger fracture categories include the following:

Bone position

Non-displacement fracture (permanent fracture): The bone cracks or breaks completely but is fixed in place and does not move.

Displaced fracture:

The bone splits into several separate pieces and comes out of its original position.

Multiple fractures:

A broken bone turns into three or more parts and moves.

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The ligament or tendon and the piece of bone attached to it separate from the main bone.

Affected fracture:

The broken end of a bone sinks into another bone.

Shear fracture:

The bone moves in two different directions with the applied pressure and is divided into two halves.

Closed fracture:

The skin on the broken bone remains intact and healthy.

Open fracture:

Wounds form on the skin and visible bone.

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