finger bone fractures (part4)


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finger bone fractures (part4)

finger fractures

Who is most at risk for a broken finger?

People with weak bones, such as the elderly, people with calcium deficiency, people who work hard with their hands, such as athletes and workers

 In addition, some sports have a higher risk of finger fractures, such as:

Volleyball, football, hockey, rugby, basketball, baseball, boxing, skiing, wrestling, and snowboarding.

When to see a doctor?

 Pain and swelling after an injury

 Inability to move a finger

 Finger numbness

 Puncture of the finger

 The appearance of broken bones

 Low pain but the possibility of fracture

What is the treatment for a finger fracture?

A doctor to reduce pain as much as possible should examine broken fingers. To reduce pain and inflammation, an ice pack can be applied to the affected area. Of course, ice should not be applied directly to the skin. Be sure to place a towel between the ice and your finger.

 Usually, the doctor will plaster your finger in this situation so that you do not move it.

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You can also put something like an autograph or autograph next to your finger before you see your doctor hold your finger in place. In this case, the finger should not be too tight because it increases the risk of injury.

 Keep the broken finger straight and without bending.

 Also, remove any gold or ornaments.

Treatment of finger fracture by a physician

The doctor first examines the endurance of the broken finger. Treatment also depends on the type of fracture and the specific fractured part of the bone. For treatment, two fingers are usually plastered together, which usually stays in the cast for four weeks. Up to two weeks later, it is recommended that the movement of your hand be limited, then the surgeon will perform finger surgery using various techniques, and after the surgery, they will see the new position of the bone with X-rays.

 Surgery is needed to treat fractures of the finger bone in the following cases:

– Open, displaced or unstable fractures

– Loosening of bone fragments Joint damage

– The fracture is crushed

– Damage to ligaments or tendons

– Multiple fractures

An orthopedic surgeon or hand surgeon will determine the best treatment for complex hand fractures. Screws, pins and wires may be used in surgery. Proper diagnosis and treatment and rehabilitation programs and physiotherapy have a great impact on maintaining the function and strength of broken bone and preventing its deformation.

What are the difficulties and problems after a finger fracture?

1- Joint stiffness

2- Wound soft tissue injury

3- Finger deformation

4- Finger bone rotation

5- Deformity and reduced ability to use the finger

6- It takes a long time for the bones to heal and heal

7- Probability of infection

8- Finger fracture

Prevention of finger fractures

Proper diet and getting enough vitamin D and calcium are very important to keep bones healthy and prevent them from becoming fragile.

Athletes and workers should take precautions to prevent hand fractures.

People who have difficulty walking and are at high risk of falling to the ground can experience less walking damage by doing physical therapy and using assistive devices.

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