Hypertensive heart disease or high blood pressure


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Hypertensive heart disease or high blood pressure

Hypertensive heart disease or high blood pressure

Hypertensive heart disease or high blood pressure

Hypertensive heart disease consists of a series of high blood pressure that can influence the heart. In this article, you will learn more about hypertensive heart disease.

Also named as Hypertension— hypertensive heart; High blood pressure — the hypertensive heart.

Definition of hypertensive heart disease

Heart problems that happen due to the blood pressure that has been present for a long time, can be considered Hypertensive heart disease.

Causes of hypertensive heart disease

In order to explain the high pressure, we must say that when the blood vessels (called arteries) are too high, it is called High blood pressure. In this condition, the heart must work harder to pump against the pressure. So, after a while, the heart muscle will get thicken.

Hypertensive heart disease or high blood pressure

Symptoms of high blood pressure

Often there is no obvious symptoms of high blood pressure, so people might have the problem without even knowing it. Symptoms of high blood pressure might finally show up after years of poor blood pressure control. In this stage, the heart is damaged.

If a person doesn’t get the treatment for his high blood pressure, he might witness some developed symptoms of heart failure. Sometimes when the heart muscle becomes so thick, it will be unable to get enough oxygen. This condition will lead to angina or chest pain.

Besides the thickness of the heart muscle, there is a possibility of thickening of the blood vessel walls. So, when the blood vessel gets thick and combines with cholesterol deposits in the blood vessels, there is a high risk of heart attack and stroke.

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When is the right time to Contact a Medical Professional?

In case you have high blood pressure and you begin to witness any symptoms of high blood pressure, you must consider calling your health care provider.

Frequency of high blood pressure

The silent killer is a name that was given to high blood pressure and about four out of 10 adults who are over 25 years old, are struggling with this problem. Based on the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) study, high blood pressure is the second factor that kills people worldwide.

Prevention high blood pressure

If you manage to diagnose high blood pressure early, you can easily prevent heart disease, eye problems, chronic kidney disease, and stroke.

It is suggested for all adults over the age of 18 to check their blood pressure every year. People who have a history of high blood pressure readings or people who are at risk of high blood pressure might need more frequent measurements.

Hypertensive heart disease or high blood pressure

some ways to prevent high blood pressure

There are also some ways to prevent high blood pressure such as: losing extra pounds, having regular physical activity, having a healthy diet, reducing sodium in your diet, quitting smoking, limiting the amount of alcohol, reducing stress, getting support, monitoring the blood pressure at home and visiting the doctor regularly, cutting back on caffeine and so many other things.

It is fact that as times change, guidelines to prevent high blood pressure or any disease might change too. So, we might access new information every day. Therefore, you might be recommended more frequent screenings by your health care provider according to your blood pressure levels and other health situations.

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If you have high blood preside, it must be lowered and be kept under the control.

To prevent high blood pressure, Do not stop or change the medicine which was prescribed for your high blood pressure, in case you want to do any changes, you must talk to your provider.

Moreover, diabetes and high blood pressure should be controlled carefully.


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