What do drugs do with your body organization?


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What do drugs do with your body organization?

What do drugs do with your body organization?

What do drugs do with your body organization?

What do drugs do with your body organization? Every time you drink a beer, smoke a joint, swallow a pill, take a sip, make a decision. You are making an active decision to add substances to your body because in the heat of the moment it seems like the right thing to do. It will make you feel better, it will get you high. It will be fun. You tell yourself, but did you know that it also endangers your health (and your life).

 How do drugs affect the body?

Medicines change the way your body works. Even seemingly “quiet” drugs like marijuana and prescription Adderall can have detrimental effects. The truth is that any addictive substance, at any dose, taken over a long period of time can cause significant harm to your physical health.

Panic attack

If you abuse drugs, you are at risk for respiratory depression, heart attack, coma, overdose, stroke, hypothermia, dehydration, blood disorders, stomach problems, panic attacks, and cognitive deficits. The list goes on.

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What drugs do to different parts of your body

When you take a drug, it enters the bloodstream and travels to the brain, producing a “rush” or “high” of pleasure and other parts of the body. The Turnbridge Young Adult Drug Therapy Clinical Team is well aware of the physical effects of substance abuse. What do drugs do with your body organization? Here’s what we know about what drugs do to different parts of your body:

What do drugs do with your body organization?

 Your Brain

What do drugs do with your body organization? Our brain is wired so your brain tells you that when you do something nice, do it again. This applies to activities like eating and also to drug use. All addictive substances activate the brain’s pleasure cycle. When you take a medicine regularly, your brain gets used to it.

 Your Lungs

When you think of lung damage, you may immediately think of smoking. It is true that smoking marijuana (in addition to cigarettes) can lead to respiratory illnesses and lung infections. But did you know that many illegal drugs, including prescription pain relievers, can put you at serious risk for respiratory depression? Opioids such as heroin and OxyContin can limit the amount of oxygen that enters the brain and cause coma or permanent brain damage.

 Your liver

Drugs are toxic. When you take a drug like heroin or even drink alcohol, your liver has to work harder to break it down. This can lead to decreased liver function and long-term liver damage. Heroin, steroids, and inhalants, especially when combined with alcohol, pose the greatest risk.

What do drugs do with your body organization?

 Your kidneys

Some medications affect the body’s ability to regulate temperature. For example, taking MDMA medications can lead to increased body temperature (hypothermia) and severe dehydration, muscle breakdown, and long-term kidney damage or failure.

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 Your heart

Most medications can damage your cardiovascular system in some way, be it a heart attack or an abnormal heart rate. Cocaine, for example, is known to cause strokes, heart attacks, and cardiac arrest in users, all of which can lead to sudden death. Injecting medications can also lead to collapsed veins and bacterial infections of the bloodstream and heart valves.

Your muscles and bones

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, taking steroids during adolescence can stop bone growth earlier than normal, leading to short stature. Other medications can cause severe muscle spasms, weakness, and muscle breakdown.


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