What is Diabetes?


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What is Diabetes?

What is Diabetes?

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes, with the same Diabetes that unfortunately afflicts many, is a metabolic and metabolic disorder in the body that causes the body to lose its ability to produce insulin or, conversely, to develop insulin resistance in the body. As a result, the insulin produced cannot function normally. Its hallmark is high blood sugar above 120 mg / dL in the fasting state, and other symptoms include overeating and binge drinking in Diabetes, the body’s speed and ability to use and fuel. And the whole glucose structure decreases, which is why the blood sugar level is increased, which is called hyperglycemia. With long-term high blood sugar, there are microvascular complications of Diabetes or the destruction of tiny blood vessels in the body that can affect different parts of the body, such as the kidneys, eyes, nerves, and heart.

Familiarity with different types of Diabetes
There are two main types of Diabetes that you have probably heard about. In type 1 diabetes, the destruction of beta cells in the pancreas leads to a defect in insulin production. In type two, there is a progressive resistance to insulin in the body, which may eventually lead to the destruction of pancreatic beta cells and a complete defect in insulin production. In type 2 diabetes, genetic factors, obesity and sedentary lifestyle play an essential role in the individual.

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The best food for diabetics:
Low-fat cheeses
Skinless chicken or turkey
Steamed or grilled fish
Grilled potatoes
Fresh, raw or slightly steamed, grilled or grilled vegetables
Whole grains like brown rice
Corn, elephant puffs or products made from corn
Mineral water, light barley juice, bitter tea, black coffee or low-fat milk without sugar
Frozen vegetables, slightly steamed.
Low-salt canned vegetables
Lettuce, green vegetables, spinach
Low-fat milk
Low-fat yogurt
Low-fat cheese, low-fat cream
Plain or canned fruit
Low sugar or no sugar jam
Juice, 100% natural
Low-fat mayonnaise
Low-fat salad dressing
Lean elephant puff
Stewed or grilled meat
Low-fat portions of meat
Beans, eggs and fruit kernels
Proper nutrition for Diabetes

Harmful foods for diabetics:
People with Diabetes should avoid these foods and foods as much as possible:
Canned fruit with concentrated juice
Fried meat
Fatty meats
Ordinary cheese
Chicken with skin
Fatty bean feed
High-fat milk, yogurt, cheese, cream and regular ice cream
Butter, hydrogenated vegetable oil
Ordinary mayonnaise
Korean elephant puff
White flour
Vegetables cooked with butter, cheese or plenty of sauce.
Fruit bowls
Ordinary jams
Ready juices
Canned pickled vegetables
Fried fish
Cabbage pickles (like pickles, should only be limited if you have high blood pressure).
Fried snacks like potato chips
Refined grains, such as white rice
White bread
Soft drinks, regular barley juice, sweet tea, coffee with sugar and cream, coffee and chocolate drinks

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