10 common beard problems and diseases in men


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10 common beard problems and diseases in men


10 common beard problems and diseases in men

Most men have different beard styles. Younger people usually have thicker beards. Some of them grow their beards short and some of them grow long, but these same beards bring with them problems and diseases that you may never have known about. In this section, we will introduce you to the common diseases of the beard.


Beards are very itchy in summer due to excessive sweating and heat. This sweat causes clumsiness, dries the skin under the beard, and will clutter the person in summer. There are usually special gels to deal with an itch that some experts also recommend aloe Vera gel.


Dandruff can occur anywhere on the body. One of them is in the beards. Dandruff on the beard is embarrassing, but fortunately, there are ways to prevent and treat it. Tea tree oil and coconut oil produce an antifungal agent that will prevent dandruff. Of course, you can see a dermatologist for better results.

Localized baldness

Some men have no beard on parts of their skin. As a result, their appearance is out of shape. Regular use of emollients can improve this topical baldness.


This problem often occurs due to poor hygiene. So try to trim your beard often and always wash your beard every three hours because if you do not follow the hygiene of the beard will smell bad. You can also use beard shampoo 2-3 times a week.


The beard may cause acne on the face, the reason is that the person cannot take good care of the skin and this will cause pimples and acne. Exposure to contaminants can trap moisture and heat under the beard and cause inflammation, with tea tree oil being the best treatment.


Sometimes some parts of the beard may stick together, which is perfectly normal, but if this happens in most parts of the beard, you must be hygienic. Comb the beards, moisturize them regularly and do this with shedding lotion or oil to have a more regular beard.

Subcutaneous hair

After shaving, subcutaneous hair may form and itch. Inflammation also occurs in this condition, especially if the method is shaving, in which case the subcutaneous hair is more likely, but with special beard oil, the condition improves.


Folliculitis is a condition in which inflammation occurs due to skin problems. These skin bumps are caused by the use of dirty razors or incorrect shaving techniques, which in this case darkens the skin color and may cause infection. Antifungal and anti-infective creams such as benzoyl peroxide will be effective.

Facial fungus

The facial fungus is an infection that occurs due to poor hygiene, causes redness, inflammation, and roughness of the skin, and usually occurs around the mouth, cheeks, and under the chin. The same thing can happen to the scalp. Antifungal treatments can prevent or even cure mild infections.


Dryness under the beard is very common and the reason is that the beard prevents sufficient moisture from reaching the skin. Pollution and high temperatures make the situation worse. To prevent this from happening, use shampoo.

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