All about organic and non-organic meat (part1)


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All about organic and non-organic meat (part1)

All about organic and non-organic meat (part1)

All about organic and non-organic meat (part1)

Organic meat is generally more expensive than non-organic meat, so you may be hesitant about which one to buy for the extra cost. There is a difference between the two types of meat and some people should only use the organic type.

What is Organic Meat?

 According to studies, organic meat is taken only from animals that have eaten 100% organic food and have not been injected with any antibiotics or hormones. Their living environment was also completely natural and the pastures were open. Organic food of such animals grows in soil that is free from pests and chemical fertilizers and any toxins, toxins, antibiotics, and other growth supplements; therefore, they have a higher and healthier nutritional value.

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What is non-organic Meat?

Non-organic meat is similar to organic meat in terms of nutrients, but animals from which this type of meat is made may have been exposed to antibiotics or hormones. Adding such substances to meat does not destroy the nutritional value, but some people believe that antibiotics and hormones in the body of these animals can be transferred to the human body by eating their meat.

Effects of hormones

Many people are concerned about the hormonal nature of food. Some studies published in 2010 in Toxicology Research show that these hormones are associated with certain cancers in the body, thyroid disease, obesity, diabetes, uterine fibroids, asthma, infertility, allergies, and inflammation. The uterus is connected.

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