Choosing glasses for a specific type of face


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Choosing glasses for a specific type of face

Choosing glasses for a specific type of face

Choosing glasses for a specific type of face

Seven face shapes and types:

1. Oval: The ideal type of face shape.
2. Rectangular: It is narrower and longer than usual, and the lateral surfaces of the face are parallel to each other compared to the oval.
3. Round: It is more spherical than oval.
4. Square: Compared to the oval shape, the face’s sides are more parallel to each other, plus the front is shorter and broader.
5. Triangular: The lower part of the face is wider than the upper part of the face.
6. Inverted triangle: The forehead area is wider than the jaw area.
7. Lozenge: The face’s central part is wider, and at the top and bottom, the face becomes significantly narrower.

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Suitable glasses for each:

Oval faces
They can use any frame with any style. The best structure for these is a slightly wider frame than the widest part of the face. Too narrow or too wide frames disturb the balance of the face and are not appropriate.

Rectangular faces
Wide frame with lower handle connection In rectangular faces, it is better for the frame to have a uniform color. Two general rules:
1. The higher the frame handle, the more elongated the face is, and the lower the frame handle, the less elongated the face.
2. Frames with darker tops are more useful for stretching the face, such as nylon yarn frames.

Round faces
Narrow and angled frame with higher handle connection In round and square faces, it is better to have a thin and transparent glasses bridge to make the eyes look bigger.

Triangular face
Triangular face with high base (minimum width frame with light color). Light-coloured mascara or thin metal frames are the best options. This type of face gives women an attractive elegance, and the selected frame should also be elegant.

Narrow frame parallel to the face’s angles; the corners of the glasses are elongated and angled, in square faces the frame with a higher handle connection is better. Preferably the frame is not just; the frame’s width is greater than the depth of the frame.

Triangular face lower base Triangle (wide frame with dark color)

In such cases, just using glasses adds to the balance of the face.
The width of the frame should be approximately equal to the width of the jaw area. An oval or square frame is preferred because the rectangular frame emphasizes the chin’s straight line.

Lozenge faces
Like triangular faces with a high base, a frame that has the least attention.

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