Finger bone fractures (part3)


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Finger bone fractures (part3)

Finger bone

What are the symptoms of a broken finger?

1- This fracture is usually accompanied by pain that increases with movement, and the severity of the pain depends on the extent of the fracture.

2- Usually, 5 to 10 minutes after the fracture, the swelling, and bruising of the finger become apparent and the finger gradually hardens. Swelling may also affect adjacent fingers.

3- Finger numbness may also occur due to bruising, or it may sometimes be due to swelling.

4- A fracture in the fingertip causes the nail to be crushed and its symptoms are swelling and bruising that occurs under the nail.

5- If the blow is severe, the bone in your hand will be severely sore.

How common is a finger fracture?

Since most fingers are easily injured, most fractures in the emergency room are due to bone fractures. Fractures of the fingers and palms are one of the most common types of fractures, accounting for 10% of them because the hands are used to perform daily activities on all parts of the body, and as a result, are more prone to injury. They will be.

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Hand injuries are divided into three parts:

1- The wrist has eight bones that move together to create a wide range of wrist movements.

2- The palm or middle of the hand has muscular connections that are a bridge to connect the wrist bone to the fingers. The palm is damaged by contact with objects.

3- The third part is the fingers that are most exposed to injury.

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