Health Facts Benefits of Cold Weather


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Health Facts Benefits of Cold Weather

Health Facts Benefits of Cold Weather

Health Facts Benefits of Cold Weather: The health benefits of cold are amazing

Research has shown that cold weather can bring a wide range of health benefits. In this article, we give you an overview of some of the benefits of cold weather.

One of the benefits of cold weather is improved sleep quality

Our body follows a circadian rhythm that regulates itself, eating, sleeping, and activity patterns according to the circadian cycles, thereby allowing us to function naturally. Researchers have found that disturbances in the regulation of circadian rhythms can lead to sleep disorders, which in turn can lead to several health problems.

Research has also shown that when we go to sleep, our body temperature begins to drop. As a result, insomniacs are unable to properly regulate body temperature, which can lead to difficulty falling asleep.

Health Facts Benefits of Cold Weather

This is where external heat comes into play.

The study found that insomniacs benefited from this method and allowed them to enjoy a shoulder sleep better. Sleep-based guidelines supported by existing research now state that the ideal temperature in our bedroom when we get ready to go to bed is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit (about 15.5 to 19 degrees Celsius).

The downside of this temperature is that you should not be as cold as freezing, which will not help your sleep. But mild cold environments may be appropriate.

Cold weather increases your appetite

A study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition seems to support the old claim that we increase our appetite in winter when the temperature drops rapidly. “This current study shows that seasonal changes lead to minor changes in daily caloric intake, diet composition, physical activity, and body weight in the average person in the United States,” the authors wrote.

Another experiment on pigs with a structurally physiological resemblance to humans showed that animals also tended to eat less at higher ambient temperatures, but increased their appetite in colder environments.

Another study, this time on the effect of intense aerobic exercise and ambient temperature on calorie intake, found that working in a cold environment stimulates our sense of hunger.

So if you are eating healthy Egyptian food, then a brisk walk or jogging in the cold winter weather just before eating can help increase appetite.

Health Facts Benefits of Cold Weather

Cold weather causes fat burning.

If, on the other hand, you are worried that your desire to eat more this season will lead to unwanted weight gain, do not worry. Because the cold can also cause weight loss. Low temperatures activate brown fat, the fuel that produces body heat.

Our bodies store fat in two ways: white and brown. White fat is often referred to as “bad fat” because it is easily accumulated. And if it is too much, it can lead to overweight or obesity. In contrast, brown fat is “good fat” because it is the fuel our body uses to produce energy.

Not surprisingly, scientists are always looking for a way to stimulate the body to convert white fat to brown fat. The main method of “browning” white fat that research has shown is to expose it to a colder temperature.

In the cold season, our body is looking for ways to stay warm that need to get rid of fat stores for fuel consumption.

Excess weight is lost by shaking in cold weather.

In addition, researchers have shown that shaking itself also stimulates fat burning. A study published in the Journal of Cell Metabolism found that body shaking stimulated the secretion of iris, a fat-stimulating hormone.

Just 15 minutes of shaking in a cold environment have the same effect as an hour of activity.

More courageous people have come up with a way to increase the effectiveness of this claim: wearing a vest full of ice packs. Wearing this vest for an hour is likely to increase a person’s energy intake by up to 250 calories. However, the inventor of the vest emphasizes the fact that this vest does not work miracles and you will not magically achieve fitness without proper nutrition.

Reduce inflammation and pain from the benefits of cold weather

Another known benefit of exposure to cold weather is the reduction of local inflammation. Many of us will probably remember that when we were little, we were told to put an ice pack on the impact site after an accident on the playground.

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Traditionally, ice or a bag full of cold water has been used to treat a bruised or bruised area, although we need to be careful about how much cold is used in response to each type of inflammation and each person.

“The amount of cold applied to the body should not exceed the body’s ability to neutralize it,” writes pathologist Christopher Weiss, author of Natural Remedies for Inflammation.

But some believe that being in cold water is not significantly more effective than other treatment options for treating inflammation. However, the use of ice cubes to soothe a sore throat continues, as they numb the nerve endings in the throat and reduce the sensation of pain.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore suggest that cryotherapy, which is a treatment based on cold exposure, can be effective in reducing local pain, but they also note that if combined with medication and other therapies, Convenient – use an ice pack as well. This can reduce pain and inflammation better.

Psychological effects of cold weather

Unfortunately, for many people, the cold season is associated with a not-so-good mood and a feeling of tiredness, just as they suffer from the seasonal affective disorder, a type of depression that usually occurs in the winter. However, the result is not entirely depression and a bad mood. Research has shown that cold or unusual weather also has some interesting surprises.

Cold weather can help us think broadly

An article from the University of Newcastle in the UK found that in bad weather, including cold days, we tend to make longer phone calls but with fewer people. This means that when the weather distracts us from other activities, we tend to be at home or close to home, and we want to connect with the people who matter most to us again.

Scientists conclude that the reference processing style found in the context of physical coldness largely provides a kind of creativity that has more flexibility to change mental frameworks and break down a set of pre-existing scientific systems.

Health Facts Benefits of Cold Weather

How to enjoy the benefits of cold weather and not be bothered by sinusitis and colds?

As the weather cools in some parts of the body, such as the fingers and toes, the tip of the nose, and the skin, blood flow slows down faster and becomes numb. You can hardly move your fingers. The color of these organs is white, gray, and black in extreme cold.

If the weather temperature reaches minus 30 degrees, the body can no longer regulate its temperature and loses its heat. The numbness of the external organs reaches the internal organs and the person feels confused. It causes fatigue and drowsiness that if left untreated, the person will fall asleep and may never wake up.

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As your body temperature drops, especially if you are outdoors, you may even have a heart attack. Because the heart beats faster so it can speed up the blood flow to warm the body. This risk is higher for people with a history of heart disease.


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