How to avoid from Osteoporosis


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How to avoid from Osteoporosis

How to avoid from Osteoporosis

How to avoid from Osteoporosis

Risk factors for osteoporosis

Age, genes, gender, disease, weight gain, unhealthy habits and diet all make you more prone to osteoporosis. For example, women are often at greater risk for osteoporosis. Especially with age and the onset of menopause, this does not mean that men do not develop osteoporosis at all. In fact, because men do not have estrogen, their chances of getting it decrease. Also, calcium and vitamin D deficiency and caffeine alcohol consumption are all causes of osteoporosis. In this article we want to know How to avoid from Osteoporosis.

How to avoid from Osteoporosis

Consume more calcium

Calcium is one of the minerals needed to build bones and keep bones healthy. Women may experience osteoporosis as they age and menopause, so eat calcium-rich foods such as yogurt, broccoli, fish.

How to avoid from Osteoporosis

Vitamin D and estrogen

Studies have shown that not taking calcium alone is not enough, especially if the body does not have enough vitamin D to absorb calcium from the intestines. Taking calcium and vitamin D together can prevent osteoporosis in old age.

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Minerals useful for osteoporosis

Calcium alone is not enough to build and strengthen bones Studies show that zinc and magnesium are just as important as calcium. Seafood Red meat Beans Vegetables Spinach is high in iron and zinc. Include in your diet.

How to avoid from Osteoporosis


Recent studies on the effects of soy and its derivatives show that women who consume soy products are less likely to develop osteoporosis.


Exercises such as aerobics, tennis, running and rope are very good for bone health.

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Stop bad habits that are bad for your bones

Avoid coffee drinks because the phosphoric acid in soft drinks depletes the body of calcium and impairs bone density. Also, avoid smoking and drinking alcohol as alcohol consumption damages bone health, especially for postmenopausal women. Studies of women over 65 who drink too much alcohol damage their bones Smoking affects the estrogen cycle, which is why women who smoke menopause earlier.

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