How to solve nail problem?


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How to solve nail problem?

How to solve nail problem?

How to solve nail problem?

How to Understand Nail Problems How does an infection under the nails, scaling and brittleness and softening occur?

Do you think that occasional yellowing of your nails is not worth worrying about? How to solve nail problem. Do not hurry. Nearly 50% of nail color changes are caused by fungi. An issue that can be complicated to treat, and if left unchecked, things can get worse. In addition, if your immune system is weak and you are taking certain medications, the fight against fungal infections will be more difficult.

Now we come to the good news. Preventing nail fungus is often easy. Just follow the easy steps below to have fungus-free feet and hands.

Be aware of warning signs to solve nail problem

In most cases, the infections start at a yellow or white spot on the tip of the nail and progress to the nail bed. The humid and dark environment allows them to grow. From now on, you may see white, yellow or brown streaks on the nail, thickening of the nail and even breaking of the nail. See a doctor right away if you notice a change in the color or texture of your nails.

How to solve nail problem?

Keep your hands and feet dry

Fungi grow rapidly in the dark and humid environments. So always dry between your fingers after bathing. Pantyhose and leather gloves provide excellent environments for fungal growth. As a result, expose these wearables to the outdoors at night. Also, spray antibacterial powder on your feet and shoes and change your socks immediately after exercise.

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Wash your socks with disinfectant

When washing socks and tights, add some disinfectant to the detergent.

Create an acidic environment

How many points have you seen forming? Make a solution consisting of one-sixth of vinegar and five-sixths of water and put your nails in this solution. Fungi cannot live in an acidic environment.

Methods of prevention and treatment of nail fungus

Although no one intentionally kicks their toes at the base of the table, be extra careful anyway, as hitting the toe can cut through your nail bed, leaving room for fungus to grow. Nail biting is just as dangerous, so get your nails out of your mouth. Make sure there is enough space in your shoes; Shake your longest finger as freely as you can.

How to solve nail problem?

Strengthen your immune system

Weakening of the immune system puts you at risk for fungal infections. Be sure to manage your stress with activities such as mountaineering or meditation and get at least 7 hours of sleep each night.

Try this preventative solution

The saline solution creates a hostile environment for the fungus, reduces excessive sweating, and softens the skin so that more antifungal drugs can penetrate the skin. Soak your feet for 5 to 10 minutes in a mixture of 4 teaspoons of salt per liter of warm water.

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Observe hygiene in manicure pedicure

Popular beauty salons are suitable environments for the spread of fungi. Before going to a beauty salon, ask them what method they use to prevent the spread of fungus.

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