Important facts about dentures and their care (part1)


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Important facts about dentures and their care (part1)

Important facts about dentures and their care (part1)

Important facts about dentures and their care (part1)

Various factors and lack of oral hygiene cause tooth decay. Failure to pay attention to caries treatment leads to tooth loss and forces the person to have a tooth extracted and use an alternative called a denture. People who lose their permanent teeth can use a complete denture or use a piece of the denture with a few permanent teeth. Paying attention to oral hygiene after using dentures is very important and increases the life of the teeth. In this section, we present important facts about dentures and their health that may be of interest to you.

Do dentures have an expiration date?

Teeth change color and wear over time, and factors such as chewing habits, gnashing teeth, poor health, enamel stiffness, etc. affect the teeth and cause changes in the teeth, but age on the teeth. It has no effect and they maintain their quality even after thousands of years, so these teeth have no expiration date.

Here are some important things to know about dentures

When it is good to have a denture depends on the repair process of the jaw and the doctor’s diagnosis. Generally, after three to six weeks when the teeth are removed from the jaw and the person loses his teeth, he should proceed to the placement of artificial teeth.

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If a person has not lost all his teeth and some of his teeth are healthy, he should use piece teeth that have two models, metal and plastic. The dentist determines what type of tooth a person needs based on the type of jaw and other factors. In the metal type, unlike the plastic-type, the appearance of the teeth is not very beautiful, but the teeth have metal hooks and have better health and well-being conditions.

The lifespan of dentures depends on a person’s chewing habits, gritted teeth, and hygiene. In general, dentures can be used for up to ten years, and even after this time, it is not necessary to replace dentures, but teeth can be repaired and so-called primed. People with Parkinson’s disease sometimes have to change their teeth every year due to jaw tremors.

Doctors recommend that people use implants after tooth extraction because when the tooth is extracted, jaw resorption begins and in the end, due to jaw resorption, a small blow can cause jaw fracture. You should know that dentures do not prevent jaw resorption. The best way to prevent jaw decay is to put something inside the jaw so that the surrounding bones do not decay, and the best solution is an implant.

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