Important facts about dentures and their care (part2)


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Important facts about dentures and their care (part2)

dentures care

Important facts about dentures and their care : Hygiene and care tips for dentures

1- People with dentures should brush their dentures out of their mouths after each meal with warm water and a toothbrush.

2- After extracting the teeth of these people, it is better to rinse their mouths with warm water, dilute saline solution, and a soft toothbrush. To stimulate blood flow inside the gingival tissue and increase the resistance of those gums, massage them with the thumb and forefinger and with the back massage the roof of the mouth with the thumb.

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3- People with dentures to prevent fungal and infectious diseases of the mouth, it is better to pull out their dentures during sleep.

4- Do not remove dentures during sleep increases the risk of plaque on the tongue and dentures, gingivitis, and fungal diseases.

5- People with incomplete removable dentures should remove the denture from the mouth after each meal, brush and floss the remaining natural teeth inside the mouth, and then insert the denture into the mouth.

6- People with incomplete removable dentures should use two toothbrushes, one for cleaning natural teeth and one for cleaning dentures.

7- People with dentures should put their dentures in a cleaning solution (a teaspoon of vinegar or a home bleach solution (Vitec) combined with a glass of lukewarm water) once a week for 5 minutes. After removing the denture from the cleaning solution, rinse it under running water and then put it in your mouth.

8- People with dentures should take their dentures out of their mouths while bathing and put them in a cleaning solution.

9- People with dentures, if they follow the principles of dental hygiene and maintenance, do not have special dietary restrictions and can eat more varied foods according to the quality of their jaws.

10- The gums should rest for six to eight hours a day, so people with dentures should pull their teeth out of their mouths for eight hours to rest their jaws.

11- People with dentures should not use toothpaste because toothpaste wears out dentures made of plastic due to its abrasive properties.

12- People with fragmented teeth should not use acidic detergents such as vinegar because these substances cause corrosion and darkening of the metal color by acting on the metal.

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