Important points to know before dental laminating (part2)


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Important points to know before dental laminating (part2)


Suitable people for dental laminate

People who are interested in laminating their teeth should not laminate their teeth until there is a problem with their teeth, because if the dentist is not skilled and does not do the laminating properly, the nerves of the teeth will be destroyed and the teeth will be exposed to cold and They become sensitive to heat.

If a person’s tooth is damaged by laminating, he or she can go to the Vice-Chancellor for Medical Sciences to have his or her complaint heard.

Those who are accustomed to brushing their teeth or eat a lot of pickles or acidic substances, and those who have joint diseases and, most importantly, those who do not observe oral hygiene, should not use these methods because the laminate requires regular use of Floss and toothbrush.

Those who have severe enamel wear and their enamel tissue is not enough. These people should use different types of dental veneers instead of laminating teeth.

People are suitable for dental laminating if they have two-colored teeth, or their teeth are crooked and their length is short, or part of their teeth are worn and are not in line with each other.

The benefits of laminating teeth

No need for anesthesia

Perform treatment in only 2 sessions

Impressive and natural beauty

Lack of color

Very high resistance

The beauty of teeth

Disadvantages and complications of laminating teeth

After gluing the laminate on the tooth, its color and shape cannot be changed

It is relatively expensive

In case of breakage must be replaced

If the cut is a little too much, the laminate may fall off sooner

Not used on teeth with extensive caries or old fillings

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