Interesting techniques and tricks to control the body and maintain the health of the body


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Interesting techniques and tricks to control the body and maintain the health of the body

tricks to control the body

Interesting techniques and tricks to control the body and maintain the health of the body

It may happen to you that, for example, you are in another hour, but suddenly you experience a very severe headache, or for example, you are sitting in a dental office and suddenly you have many heartaches, and these problems severely affect daily life. Especially when you do not have medicine available. Fortunately, there are practical solutions that will help you control yourself and cope with this situation. In this section, we will introduce you to 12 important tricks.

12 tricks to control the body and maintain body health

1- Massage your big toe to relieve your headache

There are parts of the body and feet that respond to headaches, usually on the big toe, sides, and under it. If you massage these areas, the tension will be released from the head and neck.

2- Kill your thumb to relax the nerves

When you exhale, good pressure is applied to this area, stimulating the vague nerve that controls the heartbeat, and the thumb has its pulse, and when it dies on it. It affects the whole pulse.

3- Put a pencil between your teeth to have a better mood

Putting a pencil between your mouths helps to activate the smiling muscles and improves your overall mood.

4- Improve itchy throat by scratching the ear

When the nerves in the ear are activated, it causes reflux in the throat, which can cause muscle spasms. This muscle spasm relieves an itchy throat.

Eliminate gag reflux or nausea in dentistry by squeezing the left thumb

Pressing on a specific area of ​​the palm reduces gag reflex, and one of the easiest ways is to clench your left hand and insert your left thumb into the fist, and press.

6- Stop nosebleeds by squeezing the upper gums

Squeezing the gums clogs the blood vessels in the nose.

7- Chew large pills by pushing the head forward

When drinking water, bring your head forward instead of tilting your head back. This method helps you to easily swallow large capsules that are difficult to swallow. With this method, the capsules are easily slipped and swallowed.

8- Release your hands from bruises and drowsiness by turning your head

Bruises and drowsiness of the hands are often the results of nerve compression in the neck, so if you relax the neck muscles slightly and rotate your head, the extra pressure on your hands will be removed.

9- Eliminate headaches by placing your hands under cold water

The high temperature tightens the blood vessels, reduces the pressure on the nerves, and as a result, your nerves connect to the right part of the brain and the headache will disappear.

10- Place a piece of ice on the back of the hand between the index fingers and thumb to relieve toothache

This part of your hand is covered with various nerves that send pain signals to the brain and the cold temperature blocks these signals.

11- Eliminate fear by coughing

Coughing is an easy way to distract the brain and also increases blood flow and reduces your fear.

12- Raise your hands above your head and pull them to eliminate hiccups

Stretching the hands resets the diaphragm and relieves hiccups.

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