Life without meat


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Life without meat

Life without meat

Life without meat

It may be a little difficult for you if you are asked to stop eating chocolate. You may feel the same way about leaving meat. But it is very good for health. Of course, it should also be considered that this should be done under the supervision of a doctor, because in some age groups, it can cause harms such as anemia and a sudden decrease in “vitamin B12”. In this article we are going to talk about life without meat.

With this brief introduction, we are going to give you some useful reasons to skip meat, which are as follows:

1- Weight loss

For people of average height and normal weight, by skipping meat, they can lose about 5 kg in a year.

Fifteen studies of plant-based diets conducted at George Washington University School of Medicine in various parts of the world, including Europe and the United States, have shown that even without counting calories or exercising, you can consume plant-based foods. Be effective in weight loss.

Another study of Buddhist monks found that BMI, an indicator of a person’s health weight, was lower among this vegetarian group.

2- Reducing the incidence of heart diseases

Reducing cholesterol and blood pressure in meat-free diets also reduces the risk of heart disease.

Life without meat

3- Reducing the incidence of diabetes

One study found that people who ate meat all week had up to 27 percent more diabetes than vegetarians. Also, among people who used processed meat, this rate has increased to 38%.

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4- Reducing the incidence of cancer

The World Health Center has examined processed meats such as bacon and salami and found that such meats are exposed to gamma rays and are carcinogenic. Red meat may also contain carcinogens.

Life without meat

5- Changes in abdominal bacteria

A study at City University in New York found that vegetarians had more beneficial species of gut bacteria in their digestive system than carnivores.

6- Feeling better after exercising

If you feel cramps in your muscles after exercising, it may be due to the accumulation of excess uric acid and lactic acid that has accumulated in your body due to overeating.

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7- Having a better general condition

Billionaire Richard Branson is experiencing a better situation than in the past by leaving out meat. Matt Fraser, author of the No Meat Athlete blog, writes in his blog that he runs faster than he turns to vegetarianism. He also lost weight and was able to discover foods he was not familiar with before.

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