Mobile device and healthcare


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Mobile device and healthcare

Mobile device and healthcare

Mobile device and healthcare

Government research institutes, the National Program for the Identification of Devices Harmful to Human Health, recently reported that cell phones and mobile phones by themselves do not cause user deaths, but how they are used may put users at greater risk.

Reports and articles emphasize that mobile phones’ correct use does not cause any problems and will not harm human health. However, users can protect their lives from the possible bite of potential phones by observing a series of important points.

“In this study of mice, radiation from cell phone activity did not affect the development of cancerous tumours or the increased risk of certain diseases,” said Dr. John Butcher, senior scientist at the NTP. If this is the case, it is improbable and is mostly due to genetic mutations in mice.

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He added: “The health status of mice that were exposed to mobile waves, in the long run, is not different from those of mice that were not exposed to these waves.” Of course, exposure to cell phone waves can cause other problems such as sleep disorders, headaches, eye pain and depression. But he stressed that smartphone users should follow these tips to ensure the health of themselves and those around them as much as possible:

1. Use hands-free and headphones when using your mobile phone and making calls to your audience, and do not leave your phone next to your ear or head when talking.
2. If you do not need a mobile phone, turn it off or put it in flight mode.
3. When sleeping, in addition to turning off the device, keep it away from you.
4. Do not place your mobile phone under your head or pillow under any circumstances.
5. Do not put your cell phone on your pants or shirt’s pocket, which is too close to your body.
6. If you do not need the Internet and online services, turn off your mobile or Wi-Fi connection.

He also noted that high-tech brands usually offer better quality mobile phones, so it is better for users to use and buy phones that have a lower emission percentage to protect their health and those around them.

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