Reasons why you should not use a toothpick


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Reasons why you should not use a toothpick


Reasons why you should not use a toothpick

Sometimes when food is eaten, food is stuck between your teeth, and often you use toothpicks to remove food debris. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, the use of toothpicks to remove food debris from the teeth is harmful to the health of the gums and teeth and damages the teeth and gums.

Experts believe that the use of toothpicks is not good because today’s toothpicks are more than wood and plastic, which may be good in the first place, but later causes damage to the teeth. In this section, you will learn about the disadvantages of repeated use of toothpaste.

Why should we not use a toothpick and what are the disadvantages of a toothpick?

1- Causes tooth decay

When you hold the slice between your teeth to remove food, it causes decay and bleeding. Doing this for a long time will damage the entire tooth.

2- Causes gum disease

It is good to use a toothpick once, but repeated use affects not only the teeth but also the gums.

3- Increases the distance between teeth

When you use a toothpick frequently, there is a gap between the teeth, which increases the chances that food will be stuck more inside the teeth and cause tooth decay.

4- Destroys tooth enamel

When using a toothpick, at this stage, you tend to chew the toothpick, which is made of wood or plastic, and this will damage the enamel.

 5- Damages the root of the tooth

Repeated use of a toothpick not only damages the gums but when the gums move from the original position, the gums loosen and cause damage to the root of the tooth, which in some cases is accompanied by pain.

6- Causes damage to the veneer

Repeated use of toothpicks damages the denture used to protect the worm-eaten tooth.

7- Causes bad breath

Toothpicks are usually used to remove food, but if the food stays inside the tooth for a while, it creates a bad odor.

8- Causes infection

The toothpick is not a sterile tool and is often kept out of the box and dust and other objects sit on it, so using it will cause infection in the mouth and oral cancer.

9- Leaves pieces of food

Using a toothpick cannot remove all food debris from the teeth, and pieces of food remain on the teeth. The toothpick only cleans the front of the teeth and does not have enough access to plaque and food debris behind the teeth.

10- When used, a piece of it may break in the mouth and remain

If you use a toothpick and apply pressure, a piece of it may break in the gums and cause an infection.

11- causes bleeding and sagging gums

Repeated use of a toothpick, in addition to damaging the gums, causes the gums to move and loosen from the original location, and by putting pressure on the teeth and gums to remove food debris, the gums bleed and damage the root of the tooth.

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