Serious effects and harms of using microwave popcorn


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Serious effects and harms of using microwave popcorn

microwave popcorn

Serious effects and harms of using microwave popcorn

Almost everyone enjoys eating popcorn while watching TV. One of the easiest and fastest snacks is microwave popcorn, and what makes it even more enjoyable is the taste. However, did you know that by eating roasted corn daily, you are endangering your health? Experts emphasize that you should leave out the microwave popcorn and make popcorn on the gas instead; But why?

Effects of microwave popcorn on body health

1. It can cause obstructive lung diseases

A 2009 study by researchers at the University of Cincinnati found that obstructive pulmonary disease was reported among microwave corn production workers. They experienced an even greater increase in airway obstruction. They also have bronchiolitis, a lung disease associated with airway obstruction. When cooking microwave corn at home, you should open the package in the opposite direction to avoid exposure to Dia Steel.

2. Microwave popcorn can cause cancer

Microwave popcorn also contains PFOA, which is used as a non-stick coating inside popcorn bags to prevent oil from leaking out of the bag. Each microwave popcorn bag contains up to 300 micrograms of PFOA. This chemical is known to be a carcinogen because it is associated with prostate and pancreatic cancer.

3. Popcorn is high in Tran’s fats

Trans fats have always been popular and widely used by food manufacturers because they enhance the flavor and shelf life. Tran’s fats are associated with high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, and significant weight gain. If you look at the ingredients of microwavePopcorn, you will see that Tran’s fats are very high. We all look at popcorn as a low-calorie snack, but with regular consumption of microwave popcorn, you only increase your chances of suffering from the disease.

4. Chemicals can damage male fertility

As mentioned earlier, the chemicals in microwave popcorn, known as PFCs, can affect sperm quality in men by disrupting endocrine activity. Another study by Danish researchers found that while all men have a certain amount of these chemicals in their bodies, people with higher levels of PFCs have fewer sperm counts (6.2 million sperm).

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Burns: The process of cooking corn in bags can easily cause severe burns to the face and hands. Tooth damage Most popcorn bags contain a few impurities and these parts can be stuck in the teeth.

Fat, salt, and calories. A bag of butter-flavored microwavePopcorn can contain 24 grams of fat, 500 to 600 mg of salt, and about 600 calories. Although pre-made microwave popcorn has its dangers, it can be a healthy snack.

What you can do to avoid the risk of microwave popcorn.

If you insist on using microwaved popcorn:

Cool the popcorn bag before opening it, which eliminates some of the risks to the lungs. Buy organic popcorn, not chemical-grown ones.

Consider healthy alternatives:

Work with traditional corn techniques, either with a popcorn machine or simply with a pot in the kitchen. Use healthy oil such as olive oil or coconut oil.

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