What are the most important causes of sudden fainting? (part2)


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What are the most important causes of sudden fainting? (part2)


In general, the causes of a sudden loss of consciousness can include the following

Go to the bathroom

Urinary or fecal excretion can cause the person to pass out. In medical parlance, a person does not cause urinary syncope, which occurs when urinating. Some researchers have blamed the rapid relief of the bladder after urination, which causes the blood vessels in the bladder to open, causing the person to pass out.

During severe defecation, the extra pressure causes a vasovagal attack (intelligence syncope and neurocardiogenic syncope). This attack is a type of weakness caused by stimulation of the vagus nerve and is the most common type of fainting. Vasovagal syncope often occurs in adolescents and the elderly.

Large stools with pressure and constipation also cause excessive stimulation of the vagus nerve. In this case, with blood coming down from the brain, the person is at risk of anesthesia.

Get up fast

Standing fast is one of the reasons for losing. When standing, it attracts blood to the legs, which causes a significant drop in blood pressure. However, the nervous system counteracts this by increasing the heart rate and constricting the blood vessels, thus stabilizing the blood pressure. In some cases, this reaction does not occur and disrupts blood flow to the brain.


In some cases, it has been observed that very obese people faint when laughing, which causes the airway to close. However, this problem rarely occurs.


Severe coughs put a person at risk of fainting Researchers believe that sudden changes in blood pressure around the lungs that cause blood to deviate from the brain are the cause of fainting.

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