How to highlight our hair in the house?


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How to highlight our hair in the house?

How to highlight our hair in the house?

How to highlight our hair in the house?

1. Hair ballast

This method is hassle-free and does not require much care or a quick visit to the hairdresser. With this method, for a more natural look, the tips of the hair can be lightened. This method is also called hair painting. To have a beautiful blonde, the hairdresser removes the V-shape on every small part of the hair. It starts from the back of the neck and goes to the front of the head. A V-shaped state puts the base colour on the roots and gradually turns to the hair’s ends. There should be a distance of about 3 cm between each highlighted part. To create a lighter blonde, you can make a W shape on the hair and make the highlights thinner. The front line of the hair should also be highlighted, as it disappears faster than other parts.

2- Foil technique

Foil highlighting shows itself more than the previous design, especially at the roots and in the middle of the hair. At the end of the hair, the color fades. Over time, it shows itself more. The highest part of the foil is placed near the scalp, which indicates the hair has just been dyed. But when hair grows, its boundaries become apparent.

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Highlight with foil

Hair highlighting tutorial
To highlight the hair, we first colour the whole hair to the desired background (you can also highlight your natural hair). Then we separate parts of the hair as desired. This separation depends on the type of highlighting you want to do: hat or piece mesh, baling technique or foil.

After choosing the method of highlighting the hair:

1.Divide it.
2.Dechlorinate the separated parts and bring the hair to the desired base in several steps.
3.Note that if the hair is weak, it loses its strength very quickly and disappears.

But the higher the base of the hair, the lighter the hair becomes and eventually, it becomes colourless, in which case the dye used is much more beautiful.
After washing the dechlorination material from the hair, check the colour base. If it has not yet reached the desired command, and the hair is resistant, we repeat the bleaching operation. Finally, we wash the hair and moisturize it. Mix the desired dye in the following formulas and apply thoroughly starting from the back. Massage the hair thoroughly and dye all the hair strands. After 15 minutes, check it. If the desired color is obtained, wash it with lukewarm water.

How to dye?
The colour that we apply to the hair after dechlorination is called dye. To prepare the dye, select one-fourth of the desired color tube and use the oxidant and water as

Mix one by one with the color to make it very loose in the form of yogurt.

You can add more water to loosen the mixture; Wet the dye on the hair and wash it off after 5 to 10 minutes. If the dye works in 5 minutes, we can wash the hair. How to apply hair dye is like shampooing.

Which dechlorination powder is suitable?
Dechlorination powders are very diverse, and there are different brands of them in the market.

In general, dechlorination powders of any brand and brand are divided into two types:
1- White dechlorination powder, which has a weaker effect and is usually used for sensitive, thin and colored hair.
2- Blue dechlorination powder, which is stronger than white dechlorination powder and is used for natural and healthy hair.

Usually, if the hair is natural black (dark in color in general), we use blue powder, and if the natural color of the hair is light, we use weak dechlorination. Remember that you should continuously monitor your hair and measure its resistance; if you separate and pull a piece of hair and pull it, you should wash your hair immediately because it is no longer resistant. More pause will cause burns and hair decay.

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