Seven reasons why short nails are better than long nails


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Seven reasons why short nails are better than long nails

Seven reasons why short nails are better than long nails

Seven reasons why short nails are better than long nails

Long nails are more beautiful and stylish than shortNails. However, in this short article, we will introduce a new theory that shortNails are a better option than long nails. Review these seven items to understand our reasons for choosing this.

1- Short nails are easier to maintain

Immediately after trimming your nails, you can happily say goodbye to all the hassle of maintaining and spending half your income on nail care products. Next time, when a friend complains about the difficulty of keeping his nails with long nails, you will put ten fingers in front of his face. You can be thankful for your shortNails for no particular reason!

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2- Short nails are healthy

Long nails need much care. Nail protection gels and solutions for the skin around your nails, no matter how much you spend, can cause pain! If you do not take good care of them, they will grow poorly and break. They can even become colourless! Not only will your nails lose their shine, but they may also turn yellow! ShortNails are always healthy and shiny, and you will not experience any pain with them.

3- Short nails are hygienic

What could be uglier than having a yellow pin with dirt on its tip? It’s a shame! Even the thought of having such nails is like a nightmare. Long nails are prone to dirt accumulating under them. As explained above, keeping long nails healthy is challenging. Your nails may also change colour, which may seem like a nightmare. Who wants such a thing? Choose short nails instead. ShortNails are clean and hygienic, and easier to maintain.

4- Everything on short nails is beautiful

There are many things you can do with your short nails. Dark colours are more beautiful on shortNails. You can decorate them very creatively. You can even use shiny jewelry or stones to decorate your nails without worrying about them looking ugly. Even if you want, you can use bright colours well.

5. Short nails change easily

When you have short nails and want to change your look for a party and have long nails, you can easily use artificial nails. If your nails are long and now you want shortNails, you have no choice but to cut them short.

6. You can save your money

Long nails need regular trimming. To keep your nails clean and beautiful, you should use leucine and various solutions alternately so that they do not break or change colour. These lotions and going to beauty salons all require much money. Now see how much you save on different costs if you cut your nails short.

7- With short nails, your daily activities will be easier

It makes it easier for you to cook, bathe your baby, wash dishes, knit and sew, and even do chores outside. You can do all these things without the need to pay special attention to your nails and make sure that you do not hurt anyone or that your nails do not break. You can pay attention to your work.

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