Principles of skin care in middle age


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Principles of skin care in middle age

Almost from the mid-forties of life, due to hormonal changes, the aging process of the skin is accelerated and wrinkles increase. Estrogen production level decreases slowly during pre-menopause and decreases rapidly with the onset of menopause. With the decrease of estrogen, the overall thickness of the skin will decrease and the problems of dry skin will also increase. All these work hand in hand to lead to sagging skin. By following a proper skin routine, the skin aging process can be slowed down. In this article, be with us about the skin routine in middle age.

The cause of skin changes in middle age

With age, the outer layer of the skin, the epidermis, becomes thinner. This still happens even if the number of cell layers remains unchanged. Around 40 years of age, the number of cells containing pigment (melanocytes) also decreases. These factors cause the skin to become thinner and the skin to sag more. The first signs of skin aging usually begin around the eyes. Because the skin around the eyes is ten times thinner than the skin of the rest of the face. Hormonal changes and reduction of collagen production in the skin are among the most important factors involved in the increase of wrinkles and increase skin sagging.

Benefits of having a skin routine in middle age

If you have a calculated plan for your skin care in middle age, you can:

  • Prevent skin blemishes.
  • Maintain the elasticity of the skin for a longer period of time.
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Keep the skin brighter and younger.
  • Prevent skin dryness.
  • Reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Skin routine after 40 years old

Following these tips will help you to minimize the aging process of the skin in middle age and have younger and fresher skin:

Washing the skin twice a day

You have to remove dirt and oil from your skin twice a day. So you need a suitable face wash. It is better to use mild detergents and not to wash your face with soap. Soap disturbs the acidity of the skin and increases dryness by reducing the oiliness of the skin. If you use washing foam, apply an appropriate amount of it on your damp face and massage gently for 20 seconds. Then wash your face with warm water. Please note that using hot water is not recommended at all to maintain skin health.

Daily use of moisturizer

After washing your face, you must use a moisturizing cream. With age, the skin becomes drier and wrinkles increase. Using a moisturizer causes water retention in the skin and gives a younger appearance to the person. It is better to use moisturizing cream not only for your face but also for your body. The type of moisturizer should be chosen according to the skin type. After 50 years of age, people usually have dry skin. But if the skin is still oily, it is better to use a moisturizer to help balance the skin’s fat.

Even if your skin is oily, don’t forget to use moisturizer. If you cannot determine which type of moisturizer is suitable for your skin type, you should consult a dermatologist.

The best time to use moisturizer

The best time to use a moisturizing or hydrating cream is when you have washed your skin and it is still slightly damp. Take some of the cream and apply it on your face and neck. Massage the cream from the bottom to the top until it is well absorbed. It is better to use non-scented moisturizers that contain less dyes and chemicals to prevent skin irritation. After bathing, it is recommended to moisturize your whole body with moisturizing cream.

Sunscreen is one of the most important parts of skin routine in middle age

One of the most important parts of the skin routine in middle age is applying sunscreen. Sun protection is the foundation of any anti-aging skin routine. The harmful rays of the sun (UV) cause signs of skin aging to be seen prematurely. In addition to sunscreen, it is better to use a hat and sunglasses when the sun is shining and cover all parts of your body that are exposed to direct sunlight.

Tips for choosing sunscreen

Pay attention to the following points when buying sunscreen:

  • Broad spectrum sunscreen. It means to protect your skin from both UVA and UVB rays.
  • It has a minimum SPF of 30 to block 97% of UVB rays.
  • Match your skin type. You can also use specialized sunscreens: for example, anti-blemish sunscreen or anti-pimple sunscreen.
  • Resistant to sweat and water.
  • Have a PA sign. If three + signs are placed in front of PA, it means that it has good quality and protects the skin against UVA rays. This radiation is the cause of many skin wrinkles.

Eye cream after 40 years old

As we mentioned, the delicate skin around the eyes usually shows signs of aging earlier than other parts of the skin. By supplying moisture to the skin around the eyes, the eye cream prevents drying and wrinkles and even reduces the fine lines that already exist. Using eye cream can be effective in reducing puffiness and darkness under the eyes in addition to reducing wrinkles. Dermatologists often recommend using eye cream starting in the mid-twenties to have a preventative effect. Eye cream should be included in the skin routine in middle age.

Other skin care products in middle age

Considering your skin problem, you can use other skin products besides the products mentioned. For example, buying anti-wrinkle cream can be a good option. If you are facing pimples and acne for any reason, you can get help from acne cream or if you have skin spots, buy an anti-spot cream. If necessary, you can also use an exfoliator, a face mask, or a skin pore collector.

Healthy lifestyle in skin routine after 40 years old

Apart from the above, if you want to have the best skin routine in middle age, consider the following points:

  • Eat healthy foods: A healthy diet is undoubtedly effective in maintaining healthy skin. Be sure to include fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats in your diet.
  • Avoid smoking: tobacco smoke is toxic and damages the skin of the face. Smokers often have dull and dry skin and develop skin wrinkles sooner than others.
  • Get enough sleep: To keep your skin healthy, you need to get enough sleep and quality sleep. Lack of sleep directly affects the beauty of the skin.

Final word

At all ages, it is better to determine a suitable skin routine in order to maintain the health and beauty of the skin. But this issue becomes more important after the age of 40 and when you are in pre-menopause. We have described the skin routine in middle age for you in this article. By following these instructions, you will stay younger and fresher and you will definitely look younger than your actual age.

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