What are the features of a standard sunscreen?


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What are the features of a standard sunscreen?

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What are the features of a standard sunscreen?

Sunscreen is an essential ingredient for sun exposure. Many world-famous cosmetics brands claim to have fraudulent formulas in their popular products by claiming complete skin protection. Experts experimented with several sunscreens with different SPFs and found that well-known cosmetics companies made them. Despite the advertisements and even the inscriptions on the cream’s body, these products have lower SPF levels.
The researchers obtained these results by experimenting with more than 73 well-known brands; the amount of SFP in the creams was less than half the package’s amount.

Sunscreen is an essential ingredient for sun exposure, especially during the warmer seasons, and doctors recommend it for all age groups; there are even sunscreens for children that parents need to use for their baby’s skin when travelling to the beach.
Most sunscreens use two substances, titanium dioxide and zinc dioxide, which create white layers on the skin, and in some cases, these substances are temporary protection from the sun. Doctors recommend the use of sunscreen to all age groups.
Low levels of SPF in some popular products can be a severe risk for some patients with conditions such as skin cancer, melanoma, people with sun allergies, people with psoriasis and the like.

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People usually use this product in small amounts, if they have to apply the cream on their skin and face about a quarter of an hour before leaving home to be effective, and then leave the house and be exposed to sunlight.
Skin cancer is one of the most common diseases in the world today and causes thousands of deaths each year. However, some races, such as people with red hair or freckled skin, are more vulnerable to skin cancer.

Blacks and greens are less likely to develop skin cancer due to high melanin levels, while whites are the most at risk.
Traditional sunscreen should have the power to protect against UVA and UVB rays of the sun; although most brands receive their FDA standards, they do not have to submit their products to the FDA. Your skin needs to rejuvenate regularly with this product.

It is not enough to use sunscreen, and experts recommend that people wear hats, appropriate clothing and sunglasses.
A thorough daily examination of the skin, as well as the use of a mirror to examine pimples or lumps behind the shoulders or knees, can reduce late detection of the disease and increase life expectancy.

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