Everything you need to know about growing a Uvula (part2)


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Everything you need to know about growing a Uvula (part2)

growing a Uvula

Everything you need to know about growing a Uvula : Causes of Uvula enlargement


A cleft lip or palate is a congenital problem that affects the roof of the mouth and can cause the Uvula to enlarge, deviate from its original position, swell, or even disappear.

Congenital problems:

Deficiency of some coagulation factors in the body.

Uvula length, which is still an inherited problem:

In these cases, the Uvula becomes swollen, but it can also have symptoms similar to the enlargement of the tongue. This is usually very rare and, if it does occur, causes swelling of the whole body, including the Uvula.

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Allergies to food allergens:

In this condition, the mucous membrane around the Uvula becomes swollen and will increase about 4 to 5 times, causing shortness of breath or even suffocation. If this inflammation becomes severe, it can lead to angioedema, which must be referred to as a cat because it can cause severe suffocation and even death.

Uvula enlargement can also occur due to the following:

Dry mouth

Injury to the Uvula or throat area

Gastric acid reflux

Excessive smoking or excessive alcohol consumption

Breathing exposed to harmful chemicals

Some people may experience swelling in their Uvula after surgery because general anesthesia is usually the cause and can make the Uvula sensitive and swollen. Injury due to tubes installed inside the throat is also a factor in enlarging the Uvula.

In many cases, the causes of Uvula enlargement are still unknown.

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