How to reduce Heart Attack among men after 60


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How to reduce Heart Attack among men after 60

How to reduce Heart Attack among men after 60

How to reduce Heart Attack among men after 60

Do you know how to reduce Heart Attack among men after 60? The first is the bad news: cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of any gender in the United States. Good news: This can be prevented. It is not inevitable that people have a stroke or a heart attack. We can control it. This requires work and vigilance, but yes, it is entirely possible. Some powerful variations can help you find the best care for your heart.

Heart disease

In most cases, it is related to atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. In this case, you will form plaque in one of the following: Coronary arteries that supply blood to the heart. It is the peripheral artery that supplies blood to the limbs and brain.

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This accumulation can cause heart attack or stroke. But you can take some measures to prevent this from happening.


Mediterranean diet is still crèmedelacrème of heart health world. Healthy fats, such as olive oil. How to reduce Heart Attack among men after 60? A 2018 study in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that this diet not only improves cholesterol and blood pressure.


Other diets, such as a whole plant-based diet, may also reduce your risk. A heart-healthy diet must also be sustainable. Think about the next 30 years or more. Following a restrictive diet and eating junk food again two years later will not help.

How to reduce Heart Attack among men after 60

Physical activity

The heart is a muscle that needs exercise. If you measure your heart rate in the aerobic training zone, the pumping function or contractile function of the heart will remain unchanged. But more importantly, regular physical exercise can lower blood pressure and stabilize weight.

150 minutes per week

At least 150 mins exercise every week. Moderate intensity means you can chat during exercise-so it’s important to walk or jog quickly. Once you develop the habit of aerobic exercise, start some resistance training with light weights or elastic bands.

Five times a week

Heart disease can be prevented two to five times a week. If your busy schedule every week prevents you from achieving your fitness goals, don’t despair. Research shows that it is more about quantity than time frame. The so-called weekend warriors have similar cardiovascular benefits to those who exercise five times a week.

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Smoking is the main cause of atherosclerosis. How to reduce Heart Attack among men after 60? You can experience these benefits within a few months. Your doctor can help you decide which smoking cessation method is best for you. In order to protect your heart, it is absolutely necessary to give up or avoid this habit.


It is not just lifestyle factors that affect the risk of heart disease. Genetics can also make differences work for you (or work for you). For example, if you change your lifestyle, become active and strictly control your diet, you can reduce bad cholesterol by about 25% to 30%. But the rest is genetic. We cannot reverse risk factors such as genetics, family history, and aging. At some point, you may need to take medicine to prevent heart disease.



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